For banks, acquiring customers early in their financial journey is important. Once people are satisfied with a bank’s offering, it’s hard to convince them to change. Kiwisaver is a key product offered by all major banks and all provide a key benefit to their offering. For both the bank and the customer, its another reason for consumers to choose, and stay with their bank of choice.

But amongst the important 18-30 age group, banking is seen as fairly boring and kiwisaver isn’t always seen as worthwhile – with it’s benefits often viewed as being too far away to really matter. Frank needed to help BNZ engage with young kiwi’s and encourage them to enter a new online Kiwisaver experience. We understood that we needed it too seem and make the benefits feel more tangible.

Frank created a playful big impact gamified experience that encouraged players to ‘save their pennies’ creating the perception of ease of use for BNZ’s Kiwisaver programme and highlighting the benefits in a simple and fun way. We added time-targeted and only reached them when they could afford a little time out including commuting hours, lunchtimes, evenings and weekends.