New World Visitation

People choose what supermarket they’re going to go to based on factors including convenience, range and quality. But of all of these factors, value via great prices and specials are top the list.

With New World’s prices not always aligning across New Zealand, and consumers increasingly making the decision to go to the grocery store impulsively, it was important for New World to advertise locally relevant prices to people when they are out of the house and on the go.

Via a range of different creative formats and by accessing deterministic smartphone tracking technology , We Are Frank showcased New World’s best local prices to users in close proximity to New World. Users could swipe through the latest local prices, and were served a GPS led dynamic map functionality pointing users to their nearest store.

Via sophisticated footfall attribution, we were able to measure weekly footfall for those exposed to the communications against a control group. Over time, as the technology has optimised, we have seen footfall increase, and cost per footfall decrease sufficiently. Combining New Worlds average basket size to both total visits and unique device visits to each individual New World Supermarkets across New Zealand – we are able to determine on a monthly basis continually improving foot traffic post our message exposure and bottom line business performance.