PAK’nSAVE Stickman

Stickman has been PAK’nSAVE’s frontman for over 10 years. He gives the supermarket comedic and creative licence that no other supermarket has. While PAK’nSAVE is consistently seen as the supermarket that delivers the greatest value for customers, there are only a few categories where the supermarket lags in the minds of customers. The lucrative Pet & Baby categories were two of these.

We Are Frank needed to promote Pet & Baby Week in a unique way that brought to life Stickman’s humour without using his typical AV stage. And from this, the Poo game was born.

Frank built an interactive format where users were invited to engage in a game where they were to decipher what was a pet poo and what was a baby poo – easier said than done in Stickman’s 2D black and yellow world. Along the way, whether users got it “right” or “wrong”, Stickman delivered his hilarious commentary encouraging users to continue to engage. At the end of the sequence, users were offered the chance to enter in a draw to win – regardless of their overall poo success score.

It wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea (including some of our media partners who were initially hesitant to place it) – but we liked it and so did PAK’nSAVE’s customers.