Silt Control

Silt, particularly on construction sites, is a pollutant generated largely arising from the erosion of exposed soils by surface water runoff. The biggest concern Silt brings is it’s the potential of it filtering into the water supply.

To manage this Silt traps are created to capture the pollutant in a controllable area. Silt Control companies visit construction sites to poor a chloride chemical into the traps allowing the pollutant to rise to the top and therefor be eliminated. The challenge is at any one time there can hundreds and sometimes thousands of sites with Slit Traps. For Silt control companies managing this is a logistic nightmare for example when and what sites need to be tended to and when.

Frank & Double Yolk needed to find a digital solution that would help silt control companies manage their staff and operate more efficiently knowing when and what sites should be visited and in what order.

Rainfall is the major contributor to silt build up so the idea was to create a water capture mechanism that fed data to a bespoke digital application where users could manage flocculant release on their silt ponds based on rain events, chemical strength and catchment area. We built a responsive application where they could track and monitor thousands of ponds from a single device and better manage when sites needed to be visited